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Share your experiences of bereavement of a parent to help researchers better improve understanding and support for young people

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What’s the project?

Elizabeth, a trainee psychologist at Canterbury Christ Church University is doing research to explore adolescent’s experiences who have experienced the death of a parent (whilst aged 13-18 years). She is particularly interested in how any school support affected how young people made sense of their experiences. The study will focus on the death of a parent or any parental figure who the young person has lived with for the majority of their childhood. This could include any parental figure e.g. a biological parent, stepparent, adoptive parent or foster parent.

By doing this research, Liz hopes to better understand how young people experience, process and cope with the death of a parent. This could help to improve understanding and support that is available to young people who have been affected by the death of a parent.

Find out more

Liz would like to speak to young people who have experienced the death of a parent in the past 6 years. Liz hopes to speak to between 8-10 young people about their experiences by holding a one-off interview that will last approximately 60 minutes. You can opt for your interview to be held online or in person at one of the Canterbury Christchurch university sites (Tunbridge Wells, Medway or Canterbury).

You will be offered the opportunity to receive a debrief after the interview with Liz, this can be given in a verbal or written format, or both. Before being interviewed, you will need to read through an information sheet and consent form and then sign a consent form to be interviewed. Liz would also ask you to fill out a short online survey asking for some demographic information. Demographic information is information such as age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, type and location (town) of secondary school. During the interview you will be able to take breaks if needed and you are welcome to withdraw from the study at any time if you wish to do so.

  • To be aged over 18 years and have experienced the death of a parent or primary caregiver (including biological, adoptive, foster or step-parents) whilst aged between 13-18 years in the last six years (2018-2024). Individuals may have experienced the loss of a parent through any type of death including traumatic deaths such as suicide and murder.
    If you are aged 16/17 and interested taking part, please contact Liz as this may be considered.
  • To have experienced the death at a minimum of one year ago.
  • To have attended a secondary school within the UK at this time and be willing to talk in detail about your experiences of any resulting school support following the death of your parent/caregiver and how you make sense of your experiences.
  • To be based/reside in the UK now and at the time of the bereavement.

£10 Amazon or VEX voucher.
If you opt for the in-person interview, £10 travel costs can be reimbursed.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email [email protected]  with any questions or to register your interest. Once you have contacted Elizabeth, you can then both arrange a time/format for the interview to take place.

Interviews will need to have taken place before 1st November 2024.

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