Young People’s Network

What is the Young People’s Network?

What if you could help shape the mental health of children and young people? At the McPin Foundation, we think that mental health research should always involve the people that it directly affects…research must include young people!

Our Young People’s Network is made up of young people aged 13 to 25 interested in being involved in mental health research. When an opportunity for involvement in research comes up, we send the information directly to member’s inboxes, so that they are the first to hear about it. By joining, you will hear about the latest opportunities to get directly involved in mental health research, either with McPin or with our partners.

Signing up to the mailing list is free and super easy. Just click the button above to join the network. No previous experience of research is required.

What is involvement?

“Involvement” is when people with lived experience of a research topic directly shape the research.

In other words, they are involved in designing and/or carrying out that research, alongside (or as part of) the research team. Involvement is different to participation in research. Involvement means that the research is being done with or by those with lived experience.

In this kind of research the main role of people with lived experience is to advise on the project to make sure that it is appropriate, effective and will be relevant for the people the research is trying to help.

To learn more about different ways in which you could be involved, click here.

Our members are from all over the UK, and we work hard to be as inclusive as we can – this often means we use online tools like Zoom. For some information on how we operate over Zoom, please click here.

Become a member of the McPin Young People’s Network!

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Here are some thoughts from Young People’s Network members who are also members of a Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) at McPin:

By signing up to the network, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Learn more about mental health and research
  • Increase your confidence and try new things
  • Gain useful skills that could be used to boost your CV for college, jobs and university
  • Meet and work with new people, including those with similar experiences to yourself
  • Work with and learn from researchers, academics and other mental health professionals
  • Be reimbursed for your time! The opportunities that we will tell you about tend to offer payment (please check individual involvement opportunities for details)
  • Really make a difference to how we understand young people’s mental health. This is especially important at a time when young people’s mental health services are in desperate need of change!

Young People’s Network Projects

Here are some examples of projects which our Young People’s Network have been involved with. Click on one to head to it’s project page for more info.

Mental Health Support

If you would like mental health support, please access our Support Page.